Pay your FHNA membership dues here ($50.00)

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Membership in the Forrest Hills Neighborhood Association (FHNA) has many advantages, both to individuals, and to the entire community. In order to continue to provide services to Forrest Hills residents, the Association needs your support.
Some of the Association’s activities that benefit the entire community:
• Funding of the installation of street lights on Chester Way
• Purchasing and maintaining Walter’s Woods (the greenspace)
• Organizing and funding social events (Holiday progressive dinner, Block parties)
• Enhancing communication through email distribution lists and a Facebook page
• Welcome Wagon for new neighbors
• Funding of the sign toppers that identify our neighborhood
• Advocacy in local issues such as Memorial Drive revitalization project, speed humps
• Neighborhood clean up work crews
• Association website at
• Installation and maintenance of the entryway gardens

Having a strong neighborhood association increases our property values. If you had real estate flyers on houses for sale, almost all of them list “great neighborhood association” as one of the home’s assets.

In order to have a workable budget plan for all FHNA activities the voluntary dues amount for FHNA membership is $35 a year ($37 by PayPal). This will allow the Board to budget and plan for operating costs, as well a the introduction of special projects during the course of the year.

Dues are payable all year long, and the fiscal year starts in June. The Board will budget for the entire year based on whatever amount is collected. With the ability to plan an annual budget, the Board looks forward to many more ways to enhance the Forrest Hills Neighborhood. From street lights to sign toppers that identify our neighborhood; from added social events and support of neighborhood projects lots of good things are coming to Forrest Hills – with the help of each resident!

Forrest Hills Neighborhood Association
PO Box 293, Decatur, GA 30030